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Redefine Your Card - From Plastic to Prestige





Our design team is focused on creating experiences, not just products. They'll design your card to make every transaction memorable.

In-Person Appointments

Become part of your card's story. Witness the transformation of a simple metal piece into a personalized card, symbolizing your journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Unique Client Experiences

Our team is committed to providing an unparalleled client experience, we work to craft exclusive experiences, offering you access to events that match your lifestyle and interests.

Turn boring plastic to a work of art




step 1 - How it works

send in your card

When you ship your card to us, it marks the beginning of its transformation journey.

We are dedicated to handling your card securely, meticulously crafting it into a beautiful metal piece that truly stands out.

Man holding black and gold dragon cloud design card

step 2 - How it works

our designers get to work

Your card's transformation truly begins with our design team. The designers collaborate closely with you, helping bring your dream card to life with your vision and their expertise.

step 3 - How it works

data transfer

The transition of your card's data to its metal counterpart is done with absolute security and discretion. Using offline computers that have never been connected to the internet, we mitigate all risks associated with online data breaches.

We never store your data on our platform. Your data is directly transferred, maintaining its privacy and security.

step 4 - How it works


We take great care in securely shipping your metal card back to you, offering a range of shipping speeds to suit your needs.

Regardless of your location on the globe, we're committed to delivering your card safely and promptly.

Product development


The journey of our first metal card was an invaluable lesson in product development, an embodiment of our nascent steps and aspirations.

Although it wasn't flawless, it successfully demonstrated the feasibility and unique appeal of a metal card, paving the way for the enhanced iterations that followed.

Product launch


The launch of our metal card represented a substantial leap forward in product refinement, symbolizing our readiness to meet market demands.

The culmination of months of meticulous design and creation process development, this evolved version of our card encapsulated the essence of our dedication to delivering top-quality, high-value offerings to our customers.

new location


The establishment of our location in DUMBO, New York was a significant chapter in our story, focusing on our commitment to offering the best customer experience.

Designed meticulously to reflect sophistication, this space was conceived with a singular purpose - to facilitate premium experiences that leave our clients with a sense of exclusivity and satisfaction.



Our brand's revitalization marked an exciting reinvention, driven by a comprehensive brand overhaul, a fresh design approach, and a revamped aesthetic appeal.

This transformative phase breathed new life into our brand, encapsulating our evolution and renewed commitment to deliver unparalleled quality and customer experience.

Product innovation


This marked an intense year of innovation, driven by our commitment to superior systems, from design to customer experiences, and an even more refined approach to in-person appointments.

This period witnessed us pushing the boundaries of what we'd achieved, reinventing our processes, and raising the bar for what our customers can expect from our service.

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